Fine Arts

“The voice of Love, echoes of Creation”

10% of all proceeds go to the tuition of students in the Arts, various universities.


 Limited Editions

About the Artist

From a young age, Lis R. Willick was passionate about the visual arts; blank pages begging to be filled with the imagination. Born in Denmark, she gives homage by the Mermaid in her studio name. Travels have taken her to many parts of the world, but Saskatchewan has been home most of her life.

In 2008 she completed her Fine Arts Diploma and spent 6 weeks painting in Italy. She has extensive college certificates/diplomas in business, HR, health, the social sciences, and her Masters in Reiki, with a strong dedication to learning.

She portrays her art in multi media, being consistent with the diversity of her expanding spirit and creative life style. She has participated in many art shows, and opened her studio to the public. Many awards have been attributed to some of her pieces. 


Artist Statement

Art represents my life and has evolved over the years. The diversity of my life has brought me to where I am in this moment, expressing my inner spirit in unity with nature. I use a variety of mediums depending on the source that brings forth the truth within a piece of work. Art finds me through the translucent butterfly that joins me on a hike. The owls finest detail embossed in the bark, a gift from another dimension. The seagull soars close with a message from beyond. My work signifies a deeper expression of connecting with Spirit.

Life is simple if we choose it to be. I believe in being true to myself, my creations reveal no less.

 “I didn’t choose to be an artist, art chose me.” 

Thinking of a gift for a special someone;
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Art holds its passion throughout eternity, it’s an expression from the soul, blending the natural with the spiritual.