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“Life is full when felt with energy and intensity”

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“Trust that your soul’s desires are meant to be fulfilled”

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Mermaid Mystery

This is a place of harmony, providing space for relaxation, inspiration, contemplation and learning. This year round spiritual retreat focuses on oneness and unity without agenda. 20 km of scenic hiking and cross country ski trails. Enjoy the shorter walking paths, have a picnic at the water front or rent a kayak.

Hours are dictated by both demand and personal needs. Workshops are held on a demand basis including but not limited to Intuitive painting workshops, Reiki teaching workshops, and Reiki healing sessions.

Pure energy is our mission at Mermaid Mystery Nature Retreat, focusing on oneness and unity in a harmonious environment. The grounds are available for groups who wish to focus on reconnecting with the earth (the wisdom of nature).

Pre-booking required via phone, text, or email.

Reiki Master/Teacher

“Lis helps people to move towards balance and wholeness by using light energy to activate the body’s natural healing response. She guides people to reconnect with their inner spirit. As they begin to understand themselves as multi-layered beings, a beautiful journey inwards begins and this depth of experience brings great meaning and purpose.

Everyone is miraculous: Pure Light energy with Reiki healing brings that forward from within.

Life is amazing, begin living yours to the fullest today.

Reiki Intuitive Healing Sessions

Available with appointments. $80 for 1/2 hour $120/hour sessions.

For appointments or distant healing sessions call/text 306 824 0059 or email

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Commissions Welcome

Pre-booking Required

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